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An Artist's Gallery

We had the great honor of being engaged as consultants to design a studio space for a Sculptor. We took inspiration from the artist's raw and unfinished style of work and incorporated this into our design approach. Every aspect of the studio's design was meticulously crafted to align with the artist's aesthetic

The finishes we selected are rustic, raw, and deliberately left unfinished to complement the sculptor's style of work. To impart a grand and opulent ambiance to the studio, we designed the window doors in a classic European style to allow plenty of natural light to flow in. We replicated the same arches in the ceiling using rich veneer, creating an elegant feel throughout the space

The design of every element in the studio, from the side table to the console table to the vase at the entrance, has been customized to reflect the sculptor's artistry. Each piece is a unique reflection of the artist's creative vision and aesthetic. The end result is a magnificent and impressive studio space that celebrates the sculptor's incredible work and talent

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