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The Second Home, Mumbai

We had a great time working on our client's second home - it had to be a total blast, full of fun and quirkiness, yet maintain its stylish appeal. We went all out with this 3BHK apartment, exploring new and creative design ideas. This residence was primarily intended for taking creative classes and for chilling out, so we made sure to infuse it with a laid-back vibe

One of the standout features is the custom-made tile and wooden flooring combination that we experimented with throughout the main living, dining, and kitchen areas. It really adds that extra "wow" factor to the house!

Even the bathrooms bring in the fresh and unique vibe - we call one of them "The Framed Bathroom" because it's entirely framed with black edging around the perimeter. It's a quirky touch that adds loads of character to the space. Overall, this project was cool, fun, and totally stylish - exactly what our client was looking for!

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