5 Mistakes people make while designing their home

There are many mistakes people make while designing their own homes. However we designers have also learnt it from our past mistakes and experiences. These are some guidelines that one can refer to and incorporate in their process of renovating their homes.

1) No clarity of style -

We all have a lot of exposure to Instagram and Pinterest to browse through inspirational images. However, it does become overwhelming for us to be exposed to a lot of things at once. This makes it even more confusing to put our thoughts together.

Yes, we love all those images that we have been browsing. Let us say, we finally shortlist some images from the internet and now the challenge is to translate the same into your own space.

Your composition is different, light exposure is different or you may have certain structural constraints. There could also be a possibility that you may have certain type of furniture pieces but the look and the vibe you are trying to create may not go with the existing pieces.

Picking up bits and pieces from all your collection and implementing them into your space, creates confusion rather than an identity.


a) Determine what sort of vibe you want your space to have. Based on that, try looking out for references – pick a minimum to 5- 6 images overall.

b) Discard and filter out from your current collection of furniture pieces, decor, art etc. and see what goes with your new theme or check out some hacks of transforming them.

c) After sorting this out, create a mood board for yourself. Take pictures of all the items, references and color combinations and put it out on a paper or digitally and see how it is all coming together.

Mood-board should reflect the colors, vibe, material and style of the space and furniture pieces. This one was created as a winter makeover post for our instagram page

You’re all set to take it to the next level.

2) Lay-outing

In other words, planning the space. This is of the top most priority before even stepping into looks, style or any sort of decor. If we have not defined the space then the meaning of doing up a space goes for a toss. How best you can utilize the space, how can you use the space saving techniques, how to add value to the space- these are the questions that need to be asked in this very first stage of the process.


This is the image from one of the makeover that we did.


We had transformed the space in a way where the entire furniture is put in a cohesive manner where it is more conversational. Lounger is facing the TV and the center table is placed in the center of the entire set up. Just the way it is suppose to be.

3) Disproportionate furniture pieces-

Make sure you strike a perfect balance in your makeover. Scale and proportion of the furniture pieces should work in accordance to the volume of space. Doing larger and bulkier piece to a small sized apartment or vice versa will totally ruin the hard work that you are putting into it.

4) Not following the right execution process-

If not worked on any home renovation prior, one will not know which contractor should be starting the work first and which ones can work simultaneously on site. This lack of knowledge will make a ruckus during the renovation process with all of them working together at once. There is a process that we professionals follow, starting from finishing certain work on site and simultaneous work happening off site.

To tell you guys the truth, in doing home renovations from scratch, we designers have to deal with 30+ vendors and contractors for a home project, depending on the intricacy of the project.


a) Start with all the services which needs technical attention and is concealed in the structure. Like AC, electrical, plumbing etc

b) Mark out the entire furniture layout and electrical switch plates, lights as per the final layout

c) Finish up toilets, kitchen work before any carpentry work begins

d) Once that is done, start carpentry on site along with the final installations and then the paint polish job at the end when all dust work is over and done with

5) Planning correct lighting-

Lighting is an integral part of the space. Going wrong on this would either make or break the mood of your space. Often people fail to understand its importance. Knowledge of what you need for general lighting, ambient light and functional lights is important. At-least knowing the basics of type of lamps required for each of these 3 types of lighting. While starting the renovation, people often focus on decor, design and color combination of space and neglect the lighting part. Creating different ambiance and vibes throughout the day is what the lighting does technically. It changes the mood from evening to night, to over weekend just the way you would like to keep it. Hence, knowledge of basic systems and lamps is crucial.

These are basics of it that you need to understand to start of from scratch. One step at a time and you will get there and finish up your dream home.

“We love to create spaces that are inviting and embarks good energy”


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