Different materials for decorative wall

First thing that comes to our mind when we think of highlighting a wall, we instantly think of texture paints, wallpapers, gold leafing or marbles.

But in my opinion there are many other materials that we should bring out and encourage others to use it. My thoughts on some of the offbeat materials for decorative walls are mentioned below. Hope you'll agree with it too :)

1) Kota Stone

Lot of old school material is trending currently in the design industry, to name a few there is terrazzo, clay plaster, antique concrete finishes. With properties of surviving any climatic condition, and with no water absorbent quality, it was typically used as a flooring material and as an external cladding material.

However, now most professionals are focusing on #madeinindia and contributing to products made by artisans in India that too with a twist. Because of its availability in different sizes it makes it all the more usable for making any pattern that you like. You could also engrave or etch on the stone.

I myself have used this as a flooring material with different sizes in one of the bedrooms of our residential project, and what I noticed the first thing is that this room felt much more cooler than the other rooms. We etched some leaves on smaller sizes of stones and made a pattern out of different sizes and it looks beautiful.

Kota, can be also applied with different textures over it or combined with other stones

2) Clay paint

Again, an ancient building material. It is an environmentally friendly material. Basically it is a mixture of plaster and clay. The final finish gives a very rustic and earthy feel to the wall. I love that it still adds the softness and warmth to the space.

It is completely a natural product. It does not contain VOC like other paints. It also helps moderate humidity and improves air quality. This finish can be easily refinished if damaged or tempered. Lots of pigments are available so it makes you achieve the desired look that you are aiming for. This is on my mind to use it in my new project.

I am totally in love with the final look of it, definitely gonna try out in my upcoming site

3) Self on self

One of my favorite ideas to accentuate a wall. Self on self technique is to make a design on a wall with ply/ MDF/ wood and paint it in the same finish as the wall.

I have used this idea in one of my projects and totally love it. It is very subtle, at the same time it's also elegant and will add a design element to your wall. There are no rules to follow for this, you can create whatever graphic that you can using this technique.

It's a different take on a wall from any other wall finishes. It gives depth to the wall and is very pleasing to see at different times of the day. I totally love this one.

This image is from one of our site, where we had highlighted a dining wall with self on self pattern. We had used wooden pattis on walls to create depth and we detailed it out to form a 3d pattern instead of just flat bands

4) Birch Ply

Another different material to highlight the wall is using a birch ply.Generally we use veneer over any ply, however the grains of birch ply is so beautiful that you can use it as it is. You can treat it with anti termite spray and it could work as really great panelling on a wall. Protect it with clear PU once done, you can also stain it if you like.

It's also known for its durability, it is formed by layering more than 3 layers of birc. Hence it is durable and is strong. They look really artistic once cladded. You can edge them with black metal to highlight it, make a pattern with groove. I love that it gives the soft feeling to the space. It's very pleasing to the eyes.

Take the notch up by using it in different shapes and size

5) Metal

When it comes to interiors, metal is that material which would bring out elegance and richness to the space. Whether you do it as wall panelling or you use it just to style your space with some accessories. It brings in a touch of elegance with it. Not many people are fans of this material on a larger part of the walls, they would generally prefer being in home accessories. But there are people who really love it.

Sometimes people have a misconception that metal would rust over a period of time, but that's not true. Once coated with PU it can last long. There are various ways that one can use metal, with laser cutting a design on a panel, or simply just cladding it on a wall, it can also be cut into different shapes and can be cladded. If you want to achieve a seamless look, in the market there is a brand who has introduced a metal spray. This is actual metal particles and with that you can achieve a jointless wall.

You can make different pattern out of it. One of the way is also that if you want these metal to mature over times then you can totally skip the protective coat and let it take it oxidize over time

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