Rethinking the gallery wall ?

Trends and styles come and go but gallery walls are something that would never go out of style. It is the simplest and easiest way to transform a space. Most of the time, more than a decorating idea it is more of an adding personal touch to your space. Not necessarily they have to be only pictures and artwork, but it could also be with objects, greens, quirky decor, mirrors or ceramics.

It is One of the creative ways to totally change a bare wall to something very interesting. And there are great ways to create them and also transforming them from one style to the other is easy and economical.

One can create such a gallery wall around a variety of themes. Let me take you guys with few of the different styles that work really well in today’s time.

1. Botanical gallery wall

Personally it's a never ending love for me. I love the foliage, warned out prints, flowers, shades of greens. When you do not have live green plants in the house, this is another way you could still be in touch with greens and add a fresh aesthetic to your space.

Enhancing the wall not just with artworks, but also by adding actual plants or succulents on a shelf will add more character to the wall.Frames that work best are weathered or distressed wood, traditional layered wood frames. To add a modern touch one can have a slim gold frame to the prints.

There is something soothing about this theme. Painting the wall in a sage green, Overlapping the frames, combination of different wood frames do bring this botanical gallery wall alive.
Image source- Pinterest

2. Classic Touch

Apart from using the right pictures and mood for this type of a gallery wall, the beauty lies in the frames as well. Large thick frames, antique finishes, gold or silver frames will do justice to this type of a style. Keeping in mind too that the prints and arts also speak the same language.

One can add antique mirrors, intricate frames, antique wall decor or knobs to make up a classic style gallery wall
Image Source- Pinterest

3. Bohemian style

Free spirited and an unconventional style of aesthetic- consists of prints, earthy colors and textures. Combining art or photos along with these finishes does total justice to Bohemian style. Rugged or unfinished wall could also be a great element to this theme.

Macrame, hanging planters, weaved baskets in colors are signature style for achieving a Bohemian look
Image Source- Pinterest

4. Minimalist

As the name suggests, it’s a clean looking and composed wall. One of the best ways to achieve is to keep the artwork aligned at the same height. Simple line art or subtle color artwork brings the perfect result to achieve a minimal style.

One of the ideal signature styles for minimal gallery walls is to have a big portion of mounting visible than the photographs.
Image Source- Pinterest

5. Bold and Beautiful

The most fun part of this style is that one doesn’t have to think much in curating it in terms of prints. There are a variety of items that could be displayed on the gallery wall. There could be a combination of illustrations, graphic prints, letter lights and quotes. To take up a notch higher the wall could also be painted in bold color. There are no rules to be followed, overdone wall is a great signature style to achieve the bold style.

Colorful prints, illustrations, over the top colorful art, neon lights,mix and match of frames all work for this bold wall.
Image Source
- Pinterest

6. Quirky for kids

Why leave the little ones behind? One of the fun and most exciting features for kid's rooms or nurseries is creating such a gallery wall for them. There are some really great options to create a gallery wall to inspire them, to make them learn some new things and also to become creative.

One can use stuffed toys, texts or letters, their loving toys, their hand sketched art or some fun colorful prints.
Image Source- Pinterest

Always a good idea to lay all your frames on the floor as per the size of your wall. Shuffle them on the floor and work out few combinations before you screw them on to the wall.

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