How to make a small apartment look big !

Everyone goes through the journey, where we all at some point in our lives have lived in small homes. Whether as students, bachelors, joint family or a family which is growing. It does not matter whether it is an owned space or a rented apartment, we all have been there. Rather in some metro cities, we all are still struggling to live in small homes.

Knowing we cannot do much about the space we have, however we can create a space that visually looks bigger and spacious.

There are various ways to create the illusion of big sized apartment.

Before getting into decor or loose items, Let us smartly look at the factors that are part of the structure


One of the most important factor to consider while opting to create an illusion is by letting natural light come in. Increase the height of the window as much as possible. If it is not possible to change structurally, try not to cluster your window with drapery. Opt for only one set of drapes, either sheer or blackout. In your bedroom use, curtain pleats that does not make it look bulky on the sides. Moreover, as thumb rule, try to install the drapes from the ceiling and not from the window height. This creates the feel of having a higher ceiling.


Opt for lighter tones in combination with warmer tones, rather than deeper shades. Natural light reflects more on lighter walls than the darker ones and this makes it look more spacious.

Ceiling and Lights-

Having a great ceiling height is another factor for voluminous space. However, with given restriction of heights provided in apartments now a days, we have to make do with what we have. In today’s times mood lighting or ambient lighting is big part in designing a space. It gives you different vibe during different point in a day. So use minimal depth in ceiling to add general lighting, or simply add decorative lamps mounted on ceiling to avoid making false ceiling. Use floor lamps or table lamps to create ambiance.

Now, let us look at something, which is movable along with some decor item, which are easy to change frequently.


The basic most step to aim our goal is to create a cluster free space. Layout of your furniture is very important. Plan the required pieces and not cramp with unnecessary existing pieces. Opt for lightweight furniture and floating pieces that has legs underneath.

Avoid using high back furniture. Optimize space and go for built in storage rather than having separate individual storage location. Use slightly contrasting fabrics to these pieces from the walls, but keep it in the same color family of the walls. You can add quirky and fun element with one of the pieces covered with printed fabric or with colored fabric.

Use space saving furniture, like nesting end tables or layered center tables. Or use a chest as a piece of furniture which adds on as a storage and be part of the main setting.

I know it will look very boring, but that is when fun part called ‘styling’ comes in and it will make your space looks warmer and cosier but still open and spacious.

Decor Items-

· If you are an art lover, then instead of multiple art on one wall, use a big sized artwork. This will make it look grander and voluminous. Do not go overboard with the size of the artwork, it should be proportionate to the wall size.

· To spruce up your neutral furniture, add some printed/ graphic cushion. Use subtle colors to complement color scheme in the room.

· Use subtle color tones for your bedding and just pop in a throw cushion to add colors

· Use proportionately larger decorative items as compared to many small decorative items.

· Use some reflective surface like mirrors. It is a misconception that mirrors would make the space look bigger, to some extent; this it is true however using it in abundance like wall panel will only make the space look cluttered. Even though the natural light will reflect, it will also reflect all your furniture pieces and instead of making it more bigger, it will start looking smaller.

· Add a rug with a tinge of color to the floor, for adding warmth to the space

· In the end, add voluminous green plant to close the space.

Least one could do is to keep the house neat and organized, it will just add on to all the heart and efforts that one has put in creating a place called ‘Home’

“We love to create spaces that are inviting and embarks good energy”


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