Process of Interior Design

Yes, an Interior Designer chooses furniture, cushions, curtains and decor pieces. However, that is not all, lot of times people fail to understand in depth, the scope of work of an interior designer.

A designer works very closely with clients. During the project, we collaborate with various contractors, vendors, artists,consultants. We put in best of our knowledge by attending events, exhibitions, learning about materials and implementing them into the work we do.

A client has hired a designer for a reason. A connection that has built in the first introductory meeting - where they are able to trust a designer to carry on the project.

So who could benefit from this?

This is more for a client to understand, however we do go through the process with them personally. In addition, designers who is planning to start out their practices, this process however one understands while working in a firm. I have had the privilege to work with great organizations before I started out.

Let us go through the process-

Stage 1: The Brief

At this stage, a designer will try to get to know the client, their background, their way of living, what changes they would need from current scenario. Following which, client gives out every minute details that they are looking for. From basic utility requirement to the kind of vibe, to the budget, to what colors they like.

This stage concludes with discovering the style of interiors , along with all the information gathered during the meeting.

Stage 2: Schematic Design Stage

Based on the briefing, workable layouts are presented to client with every bit of extra storage, cupboard, crockery unit, and utility storage. After freezing the final layout of the space, we present ideas with reference images, mood board, materials that would give client some sort of sense in terms of the space. With the design discussion and feedback, a 3d view is generated to envisage an entire space. This also makes site execution process faster.

This stage concludes with a final design with 3d render with all the changes discussed. Before moving on to the next stage, we ensure that the client is happy with the design development.

Stage 3: Budgeting, Material Selection and Timelines

This is when two stages work simultaneously, at one-end contractor’s quotes and rates are negotiated. On the other end, we hop skip and jump with clients to shortlist, and finalize materials in the market. There are end number of vendors and suppliers available in the market, and we ensure to take our clients to purchase quality material for the project.

This is where the lumsum expense of the project is determined, with contractor’s quotes and final material finishes. With this, we also evaluate and make a timeline sheet for the project. This will give clients and us a fair idea about the project completion. The timeline also depends on how readily the materials are available with suppliers. If it is custom make then it will have its own timeline attached. Nevertheless, team will have knowledge of tentative project end.

Stage 4: Design Development

This is a stage, designer will prepare all detailed and technical drawings and they have it approved by clients. At this stage, finer design details are resolved with joinery details, two material joints, paint/ polish samples.

Once the sign off is done with all the feedback and changes required, the drawings goes to the respective contractors for execution.

Stage 5: On Site Execution and off site Selection

Once the drawings are submitted to respective contractor’s, the execution takes place with planning. Designer will ensure periodical site meetings with consultants, and contractor’s at site, to check on the development and to review the quality of work. There are times where onsite decisions are taken, to resolve an unperceived problem. Mock ups are made and approved by client, so any change required, is done at this stage. Electrical, AC, Plumbing is tested thoroughly.

With finalization of onsite material, we start with our selection for furniture, artwork, fabrics, decor etc. All custom make orders are given; right fabrics are chosen and ordered.

Confession* If clients are looking and participating in all the process that is going on during execution stage, this will affect our ability to problem solve in the given moment. In absence of client, it is easy to channelize our energy and knowledge to handle the situation.

Stage 6: Final Stage- The Reveal

This is the most exciting part of the project, where everything is put together, cartons are unwrapped, and there is chaos at the site. All you see is the excitement of the project coming together into reality from a virtual image. Once all loose items are placed, its time for setting up the space with right accessories and plants.

“We love to create spaces that are inviting and embarks good energy”


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