How to Style up your bathroom vanity ?

One of the most ignored parts of the house in terms of decorating is the bathroom. We have always thought of a bathroom as a utility space and not a space that could help your mental well-being. We start our day freshening up therefore it is important to give it as much importance for starting our day on a good note.

Most of the times, the first thing people usually notice as soon as they enter a bathroom is themselves in the mirror. It is one of the statement pieces of your bathroom. Even when your bathroom is simply designed with basic finishes, the look of your vanity will uplift the entire space.

Depending on the style of your bathroom, you can choose variety of styles. One can opt for beveled mirror, etched mirror or customized wooden shelf mirror that can also be used as utility and for styling the space.

From one of our project

For a small bathroom, we framed the entire mirror with a wooden shelf . Not just for design element but also for utility purpose. This shelf could be used for decorative purpose or for organizational purpose

Try to add in the elegance factor with decorative lamps to highlight your vanity. It could be side lamps or above the mirror or pendant lights. This will add a design element to your bathroom.

Use and select the lamps based on the scale of your vanity. If you have no space for pendants then opt for decorative lamps over the mirror

Get things organized. Use one decorative tray to put in all your necessary items like soap dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder etc so that it is not scattered everywhere and people using it will maintain a discipline. If you do not have space for a tray then you can go for decorative vanity set.

Do not try to clutter the tray. Keep necessary items only

Use scented candles to keep the bathroom refreshing. It creates pleasant and soothing feeling not just in the space but also in our minds. For safety measures, you can light up the candle while attending it and blow it of once you know that there is enough fragrance. This will help start your day with calming your mind.

You can also opt for incense stick or votive depending on your preference and keep changing whenever you try a new look altogether

To make it more inviting, add an element of nature by incorporating plants. This can be in the form of green leaves or in form of fresh flowers. This will also add warmth to the bathroom and an element of color.

You can always change the look with different color flowers to dry leaves to large leaves to wild flowers

These are some basic factors that you could consider fo uplifting your current bathroom.

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